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The Republicans are acting like Democrats!

The GOP has decided to self destruct, like we did in ’72, ’80, ’88, and ’04. The Party is horribly managed and is doing the stupidest things possible. The only think that can stop this is the Democrats making a major mistake, which is becoming less and less likely as Obama shows his prudence. John Batchelor knows what’s up:

The TARP is the monster that has drained the blood of capitalism, scared away investment like Dracula’s castle, and ended the ability of the marketplace to clean out the poison of Freddie, Fannie, AIG, and California. Those one hundred eleven House GOP members who voted “No” twice to the TARP are the only part of the Republican Party worth preserving, yet they are certain to be targeted, outspent, and mashed by the Democrat mob in 2010.

Wow, that looks like the Democrats generally do after an election. Winning an election, it’s just so surreal for me. I’ve only followed elections since 2000, and now the GOP is killing itself. Someone needs to save this Great Old Party, which has done a lot of good throughout the years. The situation is dire.

Either the younger members break up into combat cells like the reckless Maquis, don berets, escape to the Brittany hills, and start attacking the supply lines and the traitors—and I am speaking of the younger members who voted “No” twice, especially my favorites Devin Nunes, 35, of 21st California and Thaddeus McCotter, 43, of 11th Michigan, joined by the fresh Cathy Rodgers, 38, of 5th Washington—or they will be rounded up and destroyed as a group when John Boehner and his pet Eric Cantor go wobbly again and surrender the city on a hill without a shot. Liberté, boys and girls.


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