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Sloganeering neocon romantics at their finest

CNAS and other bastions of wingnuttia tend to ignore this when making proposals on Iraq

CNAS and other bastions of wingnuttia tend to ignore this when making proposals on Iraq

Wingnuts over at the Center for a New American Security have come up with a snappy way they plan to obstruct progress in the Middle East once again!! According to this chump, they are:

  1. No regional war;
  2. No al Qaeda safe havens;
  3. No genocide.

Apparently, we nefarious liberals are trying to promote these three goals by attempt to adopt realistic policies in the region, particularly in Iraq. Apparently, by not inhabiting a fantasy world in which the U.S. can do whatever the hell it wants without any negative repurcusions, we have committed borderline treasonous acts. Peter Juule (Center for American Progress Action Fund) calls them out on this nonsense:

Ultimately, the three nos are grounded not in reality, but in an overestimation of the United States’ ability to shape events in Iraq. Like conservatives who insist that we can simply “choose victory,” the three no’s are built upon the assumption that the United States has the capacity to control what happens in Iraq. In the world of the three no’s, the United States, not Iraqis or neighboring countries, decides whether or not there is genocide, terrorist safe havens, or regional war. If only the United States adopts the right mix of responsible policies, the three no’s imply, we can prevent these terrible things from happening. In reality, the only thing the three no’s prevents is breaking free from the conceptual delusions that have led us to where we are today.


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