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Remember the ladies

Amy Siskind argues that Obama should appoint a lots of ladies to his cabinet, like that Spanish Guy. She thinks it will make him look even radder than he actually is. And I agree. Women are less prone to torture/maim/carpet bomb their enemies than men, largely due to the fact that they are not conditioned to be killers by Power Rangers and G.I. Joe. Furthermore, taking a liberal feminist approach, they are just as capable as men. And making a major step forward for women anywhere will make Hopey look super good.

On Napolitano:

There appears to be just one other woman under serious consideration. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is being touted as a frontrunner for the head of Homeland Security. Many will remember Napolitano’s role preparing Anita Hill for that notorious hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Those hearings exposed the committee’s including its chair Senator Joe Biden embarrassing ignorance of sexual harassment issues.

Awesome. She manages to show how talented Napolitano is and seriously diss the all-boys-club culture of D.C. Personally, I would have preferred Napolitano as V.P. or A.G., but Homeland S. is still pretty cool.

She also proposes that Obama remember the ladies while looking for his token Republicans:

Candidate Obama promised the end of politics of division. So why is it that the only Republicans mentioned are white men? What about drawing upon the experience of a moderate like the former head of EPA and New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman? Why not tap into the dynamism of Republican businesswomen Meg Whitman the founder of eBay or Carly Fiorina, formerly of Hewlett- Packard?

Personally, I would go for Christie Whitman, seeing as most of the economic positions seem to have already  been taken by old white men (and one old Mexican). But maybe Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina could find a place. I’ve been following them: they seem pretty competent.

She has a lot more pretty genius ideas. All these ladies are really qualified. Obama should probably heed her advice and appoint more women.

UPDATE: I found a pertinent old article at the Daily Beast by Daphne Merkin about the rise of sexism in our time:

The evidence may be difficult to pin down, but it hovers in the atmosphere, making this reversion felt in myriad ways. Once again, for instance, it seems to be OK to talk about women as risible in their aspirations to leadership; OK, too, for men openly to dismiss women as social and intellectual equals, the better to focus on how they rate in the all-important looks department. For a time, the feminist movement forced this chauvinist mind-set to go underground, but now women-bashing seems to be back in style. (And is it only me, or is there something about women’s attitude to other women, especially those in the limelight, that seems to suggest that centuries of disenfranchisement has produced the Stockholm Syndrome rather than Steadfast Sisterhood?)

Men of the world, call out sexism and all other injustices in society. That is true strength.


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