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Obama needs new church

Sanctuary of the National Cathedral

Sanctuary of the National Cathedral

Just as with the private schools, Barack and Michelle Obama are now searching for a new congregation in D.C. This will be reported alongside choices like school and puppy to ensure very little coverage of policy occurs. David Waters observes:

As the first African-American First Family, will they be criticized if they choose a black church, or if they don’t? If they choose a white pastor, or if they don’t? If they choose a United Methodist or American Baptist congregation rather than a historically black denomination? If they choose a church across town, or in a tonier part of town rather than one near the White House?

After the Wright fiasco, dare they choose another church in the liberal United Church of Christ denomination, or another pastor who subscribes to black liberation theology? And if they don’t, will they be criticized for bowing to political pressures? Just about any choice they make will be seen as political by some.

The public scrutiny given to all politicians often becomes something close to the religious test explicitly proscribed in the constitution. Where does the line between public image and personal faith lay?

Shut up and let the man worship. This endless coverage of private and personal matters of the Obamas is invasive and also detracts from relevant conversation on policy. I don’t care where he goes to church, or if he doesn’t go at all, as long as the man gets things done. He could pull the Thomas Jefferson thing and go to all the churches in D.C. (much harder now than in T.J.’s time). He could not go regularly, citing security reasons, like Ronald Reagan did. Of he could just go to one congregation every Sunday, just like the rest of us. But either way, we should let him worship according to the dictates of his conscience.

It will be horrible when Fox News inevitably does a distasteful story on his new congregation, but that is the price of democracy. You can worship wherever you want, but idiots still have the right make money spewing yellow tripe about it. Hopefully Obama ignores the politics of religion and joins the congregation he feels best in.


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