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Look Ma, no liberals

Greenwald offers some insight on why Hopey is not naming any liberals (or “progressives” as the sissier of us call ourselves) to cabinet positions:

It goes without saying that there will be Obama policies, both in the foreign policy and domestic realms, that are vastly superior to what we’ve seen the last eight years and to what we would have seen had McCain/Palin won.  And as the second-tier positions begin to fill out, there will probably be a handful of appointees who progressives consider to be one of their own…. But Barack Obama is a centrist, establishment politician.

He goes on to explain that liberals are taken for granted by the Dems, etc, etc.

But there are some positions we must put liberals or centrists in: those related to defense and intelligence. The last eight years have been full of ideologically-based military policy. Similarly, Bush’s intelligence apparatus has actively promoted torture and other war crimes.

The gossip is that Obama will let SecDef Gates stay in control and make wingut Brennan CIA director. Both would be epic mistakes. Both are Bush yes-men whose careers are tainted by their substantial involvement in torture and an ideological Pentagon.

The best people to put in charge of the military and the CIA are, of course, independent, moderate realists. There is no room for grand ideological fantasies in such important areas. And putting Bush Republicans in such positions will ensure that the Obama administration is just as tainted as the Bush one.

Please, Mr. President-elect, do NOT select the Bush-men.

Peter Beinart explains the reasons for the Clintonites: Obama doesn’t want to get pwnt because all his clan are noobz. He also reassures us on their centrism:

The liberal blogosphere is worried that all these Clintonites spell timid centrism, but that is probably wrong. Remember, Reagan stocked his administration with people who had worked for Nixon or Ford, and yet he pursued a far more conservative path. Similarly, Obama will likely be more ideologically aggressive than Clinton—even with many of the same appointees—because he is governing in a different time…. On economics, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and their disciples acknowledge that the government must do more to counter globalization’s destructive effects. On foreign policy, the Iraq War has chastened the Clintonites’ faith in military force. Hillary and Obama genuinely differed on Iraq in 2002, but by the end of the campaign, they had largely converged.

So he’s not a closet conservative, he just doesn’t want to be an idiot like his closet conservative predecessors. Our country has now changed, and he won’t have to restrain himself due to the massive failures of the past few years of conservative rule.

Beinart ends the post with a funny:

So President Obama’s agenda will likely be bolder than President Clinton’s because political circumstances allow it to be. And he’ll likely pass most of that agenda, partly because he’s employing ex-Clintonites who know how to get things done. It’s the best combination possible, and gives Democrats a better chance at dramatic change than they’ve had in 75 years. Only liberals could still find reason to be glum.

Lolz, Liberals, like Lutherans, are glum people who are also super radd. Maybe we can start calling ourselves liberals again instead of using the stupid “progressive” title which I feel does not describe us. I do not believe in progress. Change is inevitable; however, whether it is positive or negative is up to us. There is no demi-god force of Progress which civilizes and refines society: that duty belongs to activists within the polis. And as these past eight years have shown, negative change often occurs when we act like progress exists.

Put please, sir, don’t let Bushites run the military and intelligence.


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