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Top American News in Britain

Some interesting reports from our rain-drenched cousins:

  • “The British National party has made advances because mainstream political parties, including Labour, have abandoned sections of the white working class, ignoring people’s needs while taking their votes for granted, a government minister admits today.” [The Guardian] For those who don’t know, the BNP is a far-right, ultra-nationalist party, much like the Libertarians, except it is made up of poor white folks instead of IT guys who just happen to dislike Mexicans and fiat money. So kinda more like the Nazis, but with less-snappy outfits.
  • According to The Independent, “Mr Clinton’s experience in bringing Israelis and Palestinians to the brink of a peace agreement at Camp David in 2000 should also prove invaluable.” So her husbands failure to bring peace to the Middle East is now as much of a strength for her as was her attempt to create a healthcare system that ignores certain realities of American life as much as its predecessor? I love how this woman can turn epic failures into success!
  • Deborah Haynes, a great foreign correspondent for The Times (which coincidentally is owned by the same dude who owns the stateside Times two biggest rivals), writes a lot of stuff of Hojataleslam Moqtada al-Sadr and how his goons organized a huge protest in Iraq and how he “announced that the militia will adopt a more social-service role, while keeping a fighting element in case the need arises.” So the once-powerful warlord is reduced to distributing dictionaries and condoms while planning floats for the Baghdad Days Parade ’09. Or perhaps these services center around Sunni-removal. The more likely choice is the latter.

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