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Dude, I read your book for a paper a while ago!

BB, Ph.D.

BB, Ph.D.

Following the bizarre chain of events that lead poor Dr. Karawan to resign from his post as Director of the MEC (that’s Middle East Center for all you science majors), the U has picked a new director. Yes, I know this is old news, but I forgot my password on thursday and was thus unable to report it. Also, the Chrony website doesn’t have a search function, so I will have to resort to the much-worse article from the once-great Salt Lake Tribune:

Bahman Baktiari, an Iranian-born political scientist from the University of Maine, has been chosen to direct the University of Utah’s Middle East Center, a major step toward resolving a leadership crisis that left the acclaimed center without a director and two veteran faculty last spring.

ZOMG!! I totally read this dude for that paper on the Iranian majles I did for Writing! He is totally radd!

I hope to gain a rapport with Dr. Baktiari, as it will likely make getting ahead in my field much easier. Thesis advisor perhaps?

But seriously, don’t you love it when someone you read and is not very popular with the mainstream suddenly appears in the news? It’s just like what happened to Hoder today, only this time something nice happened to Dr. Baktiari. And that nice thing will also benefit me.

I really should be practicing my Persian grammar instead of blogging, but we all know that will never happen. My vocab is gobshite as well, but I know I won’t touch AZFA until sunday nite.


I found a copy of Thurday’s Daily Utah Chronicle in my recycling bin and found a rad quote about Baktiari:

“The new appointee has a book,” Yavuz [poli-sci prof at MEC] said. “The old director doesn’t have one.”

Also, the new director also hasn’t resigned because of allegations about co-workers he claimed were false in a highly publicized affair that made both a great Joyce scholar and a great scholar of Arab politics look like feuding toddlers.

The article really is super radd, pity the Chrony doesn’t have searchable archives. Then again, it also doesn’t publish stupid gay-baiting human interest stories about pie on its front page during rivalry week and is allowed to diss the school administration, unlike one paper that actively recruited me in high school.


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