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Brilliant British Automotive review

Though their cars are worse than those made by the Germans, the Brits really do know how to write automotive journalism. This week, Nissan released its first Infiniti (remember, the third-rate Lexus?) autos in Europe. In today’s Times, Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Infiniti FX50:

Oh, they’ve tried to give it a sporty feel. The chassis is lifted from a Nissan 350Z and the suspension is electronic and adjustable, but it doesn’t work. Any more than it would work if you entered the Grand National on a cow. And by trying to make it handle, which it doesn’t, they’ve ruined the ride. It is deeply uncomfortable in sport mode and nasty in the standard setting.

Worse still is the fact that while this car might work off road — though with those massive sport tyres, I doubt it — you’d never think of going there because all the mud might mess up your shiny paint.

He even practices the longtime British hobby of making fun of yanks:

I don’t doubt the Have Your Say bit that’s put at the end of this on the internet will be full of Americans saying they’ve got an FX50 and it’s great. But it isn’t.

Even with some great stories on more important items like the war(s), the economy, and the transition, I remain confident this is the best-written story of the day. I believe The Times and The Los Angeles Times are the only papers today that are even trying in their automotive sections.


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