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A Children’s Treasury of Hillary

Would it kill Hopey to appoint a liberal or two to his administration? Bush’s was chock-full of wingnuts; perhaps a moonbat or two could work, alongside his army of centrists (he should also pick a conservative, just for kicks and giggles) would not seriously offend anybody outside of sparsely-populated southern counties.

Anyways, I believe Hillary has to much baggage and not enough FP experience to be Secretary of State, but I will support her if she indeed is appointed. But she is probably going to win, and definately would be better than Richardson (who held few positions and made not a few mistakes under Bill Clinton). As a geek, I would prefer someone from academia, but seeing as that is where Condi came from, I can see Obama’s hesitancy to appoint a wonk.

The WaPo has a great article about the many, varied, and conflicted opinions about how picking Hillary would affect U.S. policy in the Middle East. It brings up the fact that she was farther to the left on IR than her hubbie was during the Gay ’90s , but also the fact that she has done a great deal of Israel-pandering to appeal to her New York constituency during the noughties. Quoth WaPo:

Amjad Atallah, who formerly served as a legal adviser for the Palestinian negotiating team in peace talks with the Israelis, said the prospective Clinton nomination is being watched warily in the Arab world, given her unstinting support for Israel in recent years and hawkish comments on Iran. Some worry that her selection is a possible indicator that Obama may not be as aggressive as Palestinians hope in pushing for a peace deal.

“Nobody has a negative opinion of Senator Clinton, except maybe that her opinions are closer to the neoconservatives than they might wish,” Atallah said.

So Arabs like her, but are somewhat uneasy about her? Wow, the inescabable gulf between the West and the East really is just a fantasy: we both have a love/hate relationship with the Clintons, we both Mickey Mouse/Farfour, and, increasingly, we both love hummus. Ground chickpeas and political indecisiveness should be the issues that Obama stresses when reaching out to the “Middle East” (whatever that means).

Additionally, the good liberals at The Nation and The New Republic are taking up positions critical of Hillary throughout their fine publications. The Nation doesn’t want her because they hate her husband and anything else that talks to Republicans. TNR takes a more pragmatic approach, arguing that, as a Clinton and a Senator from New York, she is virtually assured to get absolutely nothing done. As a result, conservatives have given up their hate of all things Hillary in order to maintain their policy of always disagreeing with said publications.

Ana Marie Cox has a brilliant article describing the GOP-Hillary lovefest at the Daily Beast. A Wonkette emerita, she writes in a beautifully sassy style and is quickly becoming one of my favorite journalistz.


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