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President-elect Obama DID win our county!

It appears that, in, fact, Barack Obama did win Salt-Lake County. The earlier statistic of him losing by 2,000 votes was inaccurate. In fact, he won the county by 300 votes! The Salt Lake Tribune explains:

McCain beat Obama 62 percent to 35 percent in Utah. But Obama had the strongest showing of any Democratic presidential hopeful in Utah since Hubert Humphrey ran in 1968.

He also won three counties — Salt Lake, Grand and Summit — while that last two Democratic candidates didn’t win even one.

People’s Commissar for the Promotion of the Party Wayne Holland made some insights:

“It is a huge step for us,” said party Chairman Wayne Holland. He has studied the major strides Democrats have made in surrounding western states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, all of which went for Obama. Holland said the shift from Republican elected officials to Democrats only occurred after Democrats started winning in the major metro areas of Denver, Albuquerque and Las Vegas. He said seeing Obama win Salt Lake County was “our grand hope.”

Yes, most Democratic gains took place in Salt Lake County. But you may be forgetting that Salt Lake is one of the four counties of the Wasatch Front, containing over ninety percent of the state’s population. And that Salt Lake tends to think of itself as the lone bastion of civilization between Denver and San Francisco.


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