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This just in from Wonkette:

Democrats are getting slaphappy again over the possibility of 60 seats and a “filibuster-proof” majority in the Senate. They just have to defeat a convicted felon, a Confederate colonel, and, uh, Norm Coleman. [Politico]

The correct term for Coleman is, in fact, “Wellstone’s-death-disrespectfully-using-for-political-purposes carpetbagger who will do anything to get elected.” His opponent, Al Franken, similarly, is “a guy who hasn’t said anything funny for about five years.” Now comes the philosophizing…

America is not a center-right country. It is a center country. The center in American politics is farther right than in most European countries, primarily because we have never experimented with socialism. It is impossible to have a center-right or center-left country. The fact that we have allowed political theory/ideology and all the other useless stuff you have to learn in undergrad to dominate our politics today is really a pity, as it prevents both major parties from understanding what the people want them to do.

The center went to the Democrats this year because they thought they had better policies. The biggest mistake people who are liberals or conservatives make is assuming the country is right- or left-wing in nature. Ideology is a social construct that exists primarily to make poli-sci theory courses really boring to students who really shouldn’t be majoring in poli-sci at all. To people without degrees in the social sciences, the determinant of how well a governing party governs is not which positions it takes on philosophical issues, but whether or not the government works and the economy does well. And people who are well versed in politics and society should move out of their ideological fairy land and adopt that view as well. Governments are meant to govern, not to save the world through adherence to every facet of the complex politico-judicial philosophy some WASP at Princeton has wasted 20 years as a tenured professor creating.


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