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Dan Savage is hurting the movement again!

So, Dan Savage has decided to boycott Utah because of Proposition 8 and says he will be skiing in Colorado this year. This is idiotic a) because conservative ministries in Colorado Springs outspent the Mormons in favor of Prop 8 to great degree and, b) it is divisive, stupid, and cowardly. Local provocateur John Saltas calls him out on his idiocy:

A Utah boycott hurts the very people Savage claims to speak for. A great deal of tourist dollars spent here go to the club, restaurant or the entertainment industries—each of which provides ownership and gainful employment for a large number of gays and lesbians. Those persons shop with and support gay merchants and business people. Combined, they all choose to live in Utah where they stand and speak up for their causes in the heart of conservative—if not hypocritical—America. If you must, Dan, start your boycott in your own home state, or against specific entities—boycotting Utah does not boycott the LDS Church. The important work is being done on the streets of Utah, and Dan Savage is nowhere to be found. Imagine Martin Luther King Jr. not marching in Selma.

True, John. But what can you expect from a sex columnist who runs Seattle’s second-best alternative weekly? Granted The Stranger is actually pretty cool and way better than In could ever be, no matter how much money the Trib pours into it. Heck, I usually throw away every section of the Tribune other than News and  Utah (the Deseret News has much better sports, while City Weekly and the Times provide me with a dose of culture). But enough with this media tangent.

Savage can’t see the fact that there is actually a growing cleavage within the church because of the issue. He can’t see the fact that other sects comparable roles but aren’t as fun to attack because they don’t have magic underwears. Ministries in Colorado gave amounts near those given by  Mormons (bear in mind these are megachurches with brainwashed congregations trained in the fine arts of gay- and race-baiting from their christening). Furthermore, the Colorado ski resorts are deep in the rockies, ours are far closer to the city and far better. And, until coastal elites like Savage took over Park City, Snowbird, and Brighton, far cheaper as well.


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