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Tom Friedman is an idiot

Without the mustache, his thoughts might not have gaping holes.

Without the horrible mustache, his logic might not have gaping holes.

America’s yippy overgeneralizer-in-chief Tom Friedman has sunk to a new level of idiocy today in his New York Times column:

So, I was speaking to an Iranian friend about what a mind-bending thing it must be for people in the Middle East to see Americans, seven years after 9/11, electing someone named Barack Hussein Obama as president. America is surely the only nation that could — in the same decade — go to war against a president named Hussein (Saddam of Iraq), threaten to use force against a country whose most revered religious martyr is named Hussein (Iran) and then elect its own president who’s middle-named Hussein.

This is the stupidest cutesy bastardization of geopolitics he has come up with since the whole McDonald’s theory about ten years ago. Nevermind the fact that tons of Christian nations have done the same thing with names like “John” or “James” or that Hussein-on-Hussein violence led to one of the costliest wars of the twentieth century. Furthermore, Barack Obama is not Muslim, and neither was his father (Barack Sr. was a jack Muslim).

After this burst of stupidity, he segues into his standard “pay no attention to history, politics, or economics, by going to the mall you are bringing us world peace” inanity. Like every other one of his column Times readers are forced to bear every Wednesday and Sunday.

Why does the Times, our nation’s newspaper of record, continue to print this tripe that belongs in the “Lifestyle” section of USA Today? The only rational explanation is that he must be sleeping with a member of the Ochs-Sulzburger clan. And his PersianPal™ is probably very embarrased to be associated with this nonsense.


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