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Something to remember as Obama, Reid, and Pelosi plot to nationalize the fast food industry and make gay marriage mandatory

Megan McCardle reminds us:

Every time we have an election, the partisans confuse the fact that the independents disliked the opposition candidate, with the idea that the independents joined their party.  The independents did not want to stomp the Democrats in 2004, and they do not want to stomp the Republicans now.  They are not interested in advancing the electoral fortunes of the Democratic Party, any more than they were preparing to hand the Republicans a “permanent majority” in 2004.  And when the various parties act as if it is so–as if the independents had actually voted to join their power-hungry two-minutes-hate, rather than voting for the guy they thought would best shelter them from the vicissitudes of fate . . . well, for the last few elections, they’ve had their asses handed to them on a silver platter two years later.

That is something we need to remember. The Democrats have come to power not to enact a massive new agenda, but instead to solve the economic problems of our day and end the war. Healthcare reform and other measures should take a back seat to ensuring the world is not destroyed, for the first year or two of the Obama administration.


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