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Something happens in Alaska

Mark Begich, D-AK

Mark Begich, D-AK

Remember Alaska? That one place we bought from Alaska on a dare and then actually proved valuable once we discovered its vast mineral wealth? And then that one lady came from it and couldn’t even handle Katie Couric and that one dude was convicted for like a billion counts of being an all-around no-goodnik? Well, according to Nate Silver, who is desperately trying to find something to do for himself these days, something very odd is happening there:

Although Ted Stevens holds a small lead in Alaska and is the favorite to retain his seat, the outcome is not as inevitable as it might appear to be. Stevens currently holds a lead of 3,353 votes, or about 1.5 percent of the votes tallied so far. But, there are quite a large number of ballots yet to count. According to Roll Call, these include “at least 40,000 absentee ballot, 9,000 early voting ballots, and an undetermined number of questionable ballots”.

He goes on to pretty much say that Alaska is WAAAAAAAAAAY screwed up. Andrew Sullivan goes on to talk about it a bit more.


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