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Utah Politics Update

utMixed news in local politics:

  • Obama carries Grand and Summit counties and is 2,000 votes behind in Salt Lake County, where a majority of the population lives (I’m pretty sure most of those 2,000 were U students who slept in because they had no classes). He also lost Carbon and San Juan county by a few hundred votes (though each county had 10,000 or fewer voters);
  • Barack Obama becomes the first Democrat to get over 1/3 of Utah votes in years; additionally, Utah is no longer the reddest of the red—that dubious title belongs to Wyoming;
  • Utah County was less Republican than New-York County (Manhattan) was Democratic last night. That could be Utah County’s new tourism slogan: like Manhattan for Real Americans. Both are home to universities ending in “YU” and both are full of people who for some reason like musical theatre. The Osmonds play a role similar to that of the New York Dolls or Velvet Underground in Provoan culture;
  • Lisa Johnson lost in her race against Greg Hughes and John Rendell lost against Chris Buttars, despite the fact that the two incumbents are far-right crooks and their opponents are moderates who want to reduce government spending. Lisa lost because 407 sane people forgot to vote;
  • Jason Chaffetz, former BYU placekicker, was elected to represent a district in which he does not live by a huge margin. Chaffetz, who attacked the most conservative congressman in the primaries from the right, will likely become the craziest man to hold that position since Lester “Crazy” Inhofe lost his reelection bid in ’74;
  • Rich Mormons have given enough money to gay-baiters to defeat Proposition 8, which would cause California to kill every white person;
  • Speaker Greg Curtis was defeated by Jay Seegmiller, and East Sandy/Draper representative LaVar Christensen was defeated by Trisha Beck;
  • Laura Black (D-District 45) narrowly defeated Brian Monsen;
  • Peter Corroon won the county mayoral election with 2/3 of the vote;
  • The Democrats now have a majority in the Salt Lake County Council.
  • As City Weekly said, “Even though he’s basically a torso-less head on a pair of crutches anymore, Mark Shurtleff apparently still appeals to Utahns more than some woman with big hair and three names.”

For more information, check the Trib and Deseret News, and maybe City Weekly. And check Lt-Governor Herbert’s website for official results.


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