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The fog in California

uss_san_francisco_ca-38_enters_san_francisco_bay_december_1942So Californians have decided that a great deal of its marriages are not marriages at all because if they were marriages, then obviously California educators would be forced to sodomize your children and burn all the churches to the ground. As painful as it really is, do not fear, for several reasons:

  1. Same-sex marriages were just as legitimate and binding before the court recognized them as they will be now. All that matters is that the state will not recognize them as such. But the author, and two-thirds of his generational peers see them as valid and loving;
  2. California’s extremely fluid referendum system—a product of the Progressive Era not unlike those in other then-far-left Western and Midwestern states—means that getting Prop 8 will be just as easy to do as it was to enact it. All the marriage equality movement needs is a bunch of rich people from Utah and a sheet of fallacious arguments to get what it so rightly deserves;
  3. The gap in voting was to a great degree generational: two-thirds of the elderly supported Prop 8 while two-thirds of the young opposed it, with the middle-aged vote splitting 50-50. Give us another five years and we can win this baby.
  4. The courts were the wrong place to settle this anyway. Our movement should concentrate on winning the hearts of law-makers and the masses, reaffirming Americans’ gloriously conflicted status as love-children of Burke and Paine.

The great conservative thinker Andrew Sullivan submits:

In the long arc of inclusion, we will miss our goals along the way from time to time…. And this is a civil rights movement. It goes forward and it is forced back. The battle to end miscegenation took centuries. These are the rhythms of progress. Sometimes losing, and being shown to lose, shifts something in the minds of those watching as a small group is punished for daring to dream of full civil equality. In this battle we have already had far more defeats than victories. But each time, we have come closer to our goal. And in the hearts and minds and souls of so many, we have changed consciousness for ever.

Mr Sullivan, it is men like you who have convinced so many young people of the justice of your cause. People of the world, do not be discouraged. Change is coming. So many of my peers, religious and nonreligious alike support you. And this very narrow defeat proves that we can compete against better-funded and slimier opponents. This is the movement’s Zion’s Camp.

Sullivan continues:

California has full civil equality in law for gay couples. In time, full civil marriage equality – the only real measure of equality – will follow. And it will spread, state by state, more slowly now, and perhaps more organically from legislatures, rather than courts, which would not be the worst idea. And observing this backlash against us will reveal to many the cruelty of allowing majorities to take the rights of tiny minorities away.

The conservative/liberal opposition to gay marriage is beyond me. A once-radical minority is demanding the right to marry, and rejecting the moral decadence, promiscuity, and self-indulgence of the Sexual Revolution in order enter into stable, traditional social units. A good many of them have already done it, but it is not yet recognized by law. So few couples, gay or straight, seem to care about commitment these days, and these loving monogamous unions greatly enrich our society. Yet they are rejected by so many of those who, like me, decry the drive-thru marriage society that values commitment, fidelity, and love less and less and less. A conservative case for gay marriage can easily be made, but reactionary prejudices often come in the way.

The best explanation offered so far remains the gaffe of anti-marriage equality Congressman Ron Paul, who said:

If gays and lesbians get civil rights, then everyone will want them.

Oh, what a glorious time that will be.


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