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FT: Obama ready to pwn economy

The Fed

The Fed

According to the salmon-colored pages of Financial Times:

The series of early moves include two key additions to Mr Obama’s already well-entrenched transition team headed by John Podesta that will guide America’s next leader to his inauguration on 20 January. These are Valerie Jarrett, who is one of Mr Obama’s closest friends and advisers from Chicago, and Peter Rouse, his Senate chief of staff.

Senior cabinet appointments will include Mr Obama’s Treasury secretary, with Lawrence Summers, who held the job under Mr Clinton, or Timothy Geithner, chairman of the New York Fed, seen as front runners.

As The Onion so brilliantly said today, we have for the first time given a black man the worst job in the country. The projections are grim. Already the national debt is around ten trillion dollars and growing quickly [Perot]. The markets are collapsing [any financial or otherwise non-gossip daily]. Economists with widely differing ideas are finally able to make them known to the masses. President-elect Obama has a massive job and literally must save the world.

The Politico has a great video:

Flash vid


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