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Church land to be sold?

deseret-ranchThe Orlando Sentinel reports:

Central Florida’s rapid development and relentless thirst for Deseret water have spurred the ranch’s owner, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to take a hard look at options for land easily worth more than $1 billion. Consultants have told church officials that a quarter of Deseret could be sliced off, providing real estate for a community larger and yet more livable than Orlando. The potential cityscape could lure four times more people than in the city limits of Orlando today.

So, the Church could sell the old Deseret Ranch to developers. It has happened before. Much of the church’s welfare farms and ranches in Utah and Idaho have already been sold to developers; LDS youth no longer go down to the ranch in Taylorsville for community service. I am somewhat divided on whether or not the deal should be made. I will not go into it further; I don’t really understand it but don’t like it for some reason. We need to keep our land together…


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