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The West

obama-cowboy2Mr. Patrick Ruffini explains the author’s region:

For all the hoopla about Colorado, its swing to Obama barely outshines the national average at 10.2%, but we will await the results for further clarity. Obama turns in some of his strongest gains relative to 2004 in the strongly Republican states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. It will be interesting to see if Obama can crack into well-educated Utah Mormons at all, but it is hard to see where this electorally actionable for the Democrats. Still, it is interesting to see the extent to which the GOP has been un-defined as a Western party despite the presence of a Western Senator on the ticket. I do think the “Texas Cowboy” image is what kept us so strong here for so long, and a Phoenix transplant is not quite tapping into it the same way.

At last this region is beginning to come back to its roots. Idaho and Utah were the most Democratic Western states for a few years there when everyone else went really Red, so basically the explanation is that we always lag behind, as you can tell by our haircuts.

But the Utah Democrats will make some gains in the State House, I promise. So we can stop anything REALLY stupid, like vouchers.


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