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Local elections results

Utah facial hair.

Gubernatorial facial hair

According to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office:

  • More county residents vote straight-ticket Democrat than straight-ticket Republican;
  • Barack Obama seems to have a very narrow lead in the county, with about half the precincts reporting;
  • With about half of the precincts counted, it appears that Lisa Johnson may squeek past incumbent crook Greg Hughes in District 51, of which the author is a resident;
  • Jay Seegmiller has a 15-point lead in his race against incumbent House speaker Greg Curtis;
  • Peter Corroon will easily win four more years as county mayor. I say he should run for governor in 2012;
  • Propositions 1 and 2, concerning the issuance of bonds for the Hogle Zoo and the Tracy Aviary, appears to on the road to passing;
  • Governor Huntsman is going to serve four more years, despite his lack of facial hair.

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