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Liberal New-Yorkers: This election changed everything

The New-York Times explained the transformative nature of this election thusly:

Among the biggest changes this year is the intense new interest in politics, reflected in jumps in voters registration, early voting and attendance at Mr. Obama’s rallies. To no small extent, that is a reflection on the unusual interest stirred by his campaign.

Shocking! By appealing to the ninety percent of Americans who believe in God and not ignoring people outside of the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama has revolutionized politics. He shocked everyone in the world insisting that Americans outside of New-York and Los Angeles not only exist, but also matter a great deal to any presidential candidate. Also, he asked people to help him, spoke real good (live and on the teevee set), and successfully utilized a series of tubes to activate the masses of Americans who are under 30 and have been disregarded since they failed to deliver for Mr. George McGovern in 1972.

Also, it helped that Mr Barack Obama also chose someone who was sane to be his running-mate, despite a long and glorious tradition of candidates doing otherwise.

Yes, we can. And yes, Virginia, we almost have. In twelve hours we may likely know who will be the next President of These United States®. And then three more months of HELL.


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