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Bizarre race- and gay-baiting

RNC mailer, Pennsylvania

RNC mailer, Pennsylvania

So, the “Permanent Republican Majority” dies the same way it began in 1968: grandiose fantasies of culture war and race-baiting on a grand scale. Gradually, sex-baiting, gay-baiting, and the like were also added to the arsenal, and are suddenly exploding as the “culture war” finally ends and America turns to things that actually matter.

Here is some scoundrel-ruffian comatose ungulate and his bizarre attempt at gay-baiting:

The most shocking thing about this “joke” is the fact that it is not funny. Men like Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann should not be permitted to tell jokes, as they are NOT FUNNY. Al Franken hasn’t said anything funny since 2003, and no other radio-monger has ever said anything funny.

Also amusing is the Fairness Doctrine fantasy, as:

  1. The fairness doctrine is blatantly unconstitutional; and
  2. The growth of liberal talk radio and the like has made its reinstatement very unlikely

Still, it is amusing to see “social conservatives” feigning concern for the first amendment. Ooops, I just violated their first-amendment rights!

Look HERE for a compilation of this morning’s race-baiting.

Luckily, Steve Young and his communist allies seem to have taken the lead in fundraising as well as polling in California. [AP]


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