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Vote, ye fiends

Facial hairz and a bowtie 4 tha ladiez

Facial hairz and a bowtie 4 tha ladiez

Seriously, peoples it’s not as hard as you think. Just go to your local pollin’-place and vote for everyone who isn’t a crook and also isn’t Walnuts. Which, in the Friendly State, means vote straight-ballot Democrat (although Huntsman isn’t a crook, vote for Sr Springbuddy cuz he has facial hair).

Listen to the wise gentle-men at Wonkette. They will explain things much better than I can.

Anyways, Mr Barack “Hussein” Terrorist “Obama” Ayers El-Malik Shabbazz, who hates America, won the freak-precinct of Dix-ville Notch, New Hampshire by appealing to their East Coast elitist sympathies. The men of our country have chosen socialism over erratic… whatever McCain’s big idea is this particular moment. Guess we can write of Soviet Yankeestan as in the bag for Obama, just like all the states Mr. McCain wasted time in rather than campaign on his own turf.


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