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I just barely recovered my password; prior to this, I was doing my blogging via the so-called Face-book, and risking getting banned from that web-site for too many posts.

This day our great democratic society embarks upon a journey of democratization through voting for democracy through democratic means across the country by voting straight-ticket DEMOCRAT.

The TeeVee says that the election will most likely go to Barry “Terrorist” Hussein “Socialist” “Obama” Ayers Hussein, but FoxNoize sez that Walnuts will somehow pull this off.

Also, on the TeeVee Mr. Mittens “Willard” Romney CXVII said Mr. McCain was a crook, though it’s hard to tell through Mr Romney’s wall of disingenuousness:

He’s probably put “MORMONISM” several years back by making us look like Republicans. Sure, we were always conservative, but we also had morals. Now no-one will ask us to pee in a cup for them for fear we will attempt to declare their marriage invalid thru Referendum or make a really boring speech about faith in America. Or worse yet talk all hifalutin’ about foot-ball and LOSE.

For the latest crap, you all should check this site out. Funny and informative.

Also, conservative/libertarian/alienated-by-wingnuts blogger Andrew Sullivan is opening his blog up for buttloads of user-generated stories over the course of tomorrow. He was the pseudo-Brit on Colbert today.

As always, check the Politico, Huffington Post, and all the major dailies for information regarding the election. Remember to comment, all three people who have discovered this blog, and I will actually turn this into a decent web-log soon…


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