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Hitler reacts to BYU loss

The man who threw basically every Deutsche League championship during his years at the helm of Germany is sad that his zoobified grasp cannot extend to the MWC. Way better than Jesse Owens!


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And you thought the Tories were bad

A headline from today’s Haaretz:

Likud MK calls for using Palestinian prisoners as human shields against Qassam rockets

And you wonder why they still haven’t solved this thing.

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The Seventies are coming back!

By this time next year, everyone will have hair like this man.

By this time next year, everyone will have hair like this man.

According to The Guardian, some of the most notorious trends of the 1970s are making a comeback:

[Western experts] contrasted the Mumbai attacks with suicide and car bombers who have plotted outrages in London. The latter have been mainly self-radicalised, self-selected groups of individuals, slowly gathering bomb-making equipment and vulnerable to surveillance by the security services, counter-terrorist officials said.

In contrast, they said, the group who attacked Mumbai were armed with rifles and grenades and stormed their targets in the city head-on.

“It is a mode of attack that has fallen out of fashion,” one source said, referring to the violent radical European and Palestinian groups active in the 1970s. “If you are going to be martyrs anyway, why not go in firing AK-47s?”

Ugggh. Another observation comparing today to the ’70s: the Church being about 30 years behind on a major civil rights issue. Also, horrible music dominating the radio, with amazing (and, to future people, revoutionary) musicz on the undergroundz (except today’s underground is more visible thanx 2 the intarwebs). And all the jocks today listen to the same music their jock forebearers listened to in the ’70s (of course, along with the meaningless white-boy hip-hop of MTV).

Disco still sucks.

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I’m a pro-gay Christian and I vote

Speaking of the calls for reconciliation between the LGBT movement and orthodox/conservative religion, Andrew Sullivan had this to say:

I agree and have tried to do this over the years (and failed at times). But there also comes a time when it is clear that reason is not motivating the other side and it becomes humanly very difficult to negotiate with people whose non-negotiable principle is retaining the power to define and control your lives. They key is finding those religious interlocutors open to listening. Their numbers have dwindled under the force of resurgent fundamentalism.

I am glad to say that I am among the few orthodox believers out there who has any respect for pluralism and secularism. I am open to listening to anybody. In addition, many other young Christians support you. Even at places like BJU and BYU, the movement is growing due to a youth revolution. Young people are beginning to care about things. I see this every day at the U. I see it in my student ward. Sooner or later, the world will change, and Christians of all stripes need to welcome that inevitable change. We must give up reaction and return to the timeless principles of Christian action on behalf of humanity.

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OMG OMG OMG they are trying to kill t3h Mormanz!

Typical apocalyptic insanity from the Mormons who have forgotten what persecution actually is:

But a great many people are talking about pursuing the Church and its members in other ways: picketing temples, going after tax exemptions and going after the livelihoods of people who dare to think and vote differently than them. And, most crucially, when they are confronted with the inhumanity of persecuting a specific religious group, they justify almost any action because we are Mormons. Stop and think for a second: would society at large tolerate such behavior against Jews, against Muslims? The clear answer is no, but Mormons appear to be a completely unprotected minority, free to be vilified and persecuted without repercussions.

Ooooh I am so scared of gay people I think I’m being persecuted. I meanwhile, basically spent the whole last week working for gay rights in Utah and never had any of these fanciful BYU dream-type attacks.

By the way, the fear many have of a challenge to the Church’s 501 (c) (3) status is unfounded. If anything, such a suit would give the Church a good chance to make up for the PR it has lost to civil libertarians in the past few years by helping overturn a blatantly unconstitutional law which limits freedom of religion. Likewise, anyone who advocates gay rights yet refuses to acknowledge the unconstitutionality of interference in religious affairs should not call himself a civil libertarian.

Also, the blogger goes on to call the religious right modern day Alexander Doniphans. Although Alexander Doniphan didn’t want us to go to hell, the fundies do hate gay people almost as much as we (sadly) do.

in other news, NOBODY HAS GONE AFTER OUR “LIVELIHOODS” although we, as a people, have gone after those of LGBT Americans.

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Something horrible from the bloggernacle

From this place:

Make no mistake– the same-sex community will NOT stop with Prop 8, and they will not be satisfied with just Next, they’ll want demonstrative CompatiblePartners TV commercials. Then they will go after the school curricula and the churches and any other part of traditional society they can overturn. It’ll be push, push, push– and the cracks will multiply and get bigger each time because of precedents.

Why do so many of my coreligionists spend so much time dreaming up Gay v. Mormon civil war fantasies and making us look like idiots? In this year, we’ve lost basically everything we’ve gained since the Roosevelt administration. And it looks like it won’t come back soon. Why can’t these people just acknowledge that there are gay people and be done with it rather than blathering on about the “temptation” of “same-sex attraction.”

I thank God I’m not at BYU right now.

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The problem in India

Dibyesh Anand does some on-the-spot analysis:

Second, what is the main crisis faced by Indian society? It is not terrorism even though it kills. It is intolerance of dissent on the part of people and these terrorists are extreme manifestations of this intolerant ethos. India’s secular democratic state is a site of contestation as it is accused by rightwing Hindu nationalists of pandering to the minorities while the progressives rightly lament its frequent failures to combat anti-minority extremism. The state has clearly not been neutral.

But extremist violence undermines any legitimate criticism of the Indian state for failing to protect the minorities. Did the perpetrators of spectacular terrorism in Mumbai not know that their action will further polarise Hindus and Muslims in India and thus harm the interests of all? Surely they knew but this is what the aim of extremism is – to polarise and radicalise and hence expand the recruiting pool. Any backlash against Muslims (and modern India’s history is replete with these) will be the ultimate victory for the terrorists. The loser from this carnage, which even Bollywood could not have fantasised, will be all Indians if there is a further rise of intolerance.

Intolerance is lame. Tolerate ur countrymen.

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An Indian 9/11?

Ravinder Kaur says the analyses we make of terrorism can often prevent us from making progress:

9/11 comparisons do little to enhance our understanding of this tragic violence. Instead, they emotively feed the politics of revenge, which we have already witnessed in Afghanistan and Iraq – themselves precisely the theatre of the war on terror. What we definitely do not require is a south-Asian version of Bush’s disastrous war, which has brought only misery to these countries.

Amen. We have ignored history far too much in recent years, and if we continue to do so the results could be disastrous. Give up this “clash of civilizations” sci-fi theory and remember we live in reality.

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MoMo insanity

Something horrible from the bloggernacle:

It makes sense that the adversary’s gay campaign earlier used someone as innocuous and accessible as Ellen DeGeneres to keep breaking down society’s rightful taboos against the gay lifestyle. It was smart to start with a female, too, as people seem to have less trouble with the idea of lesbians.

But now with Aiken, we’re crossed a new line by putting a soft, sweet, accessible, androgynous face upon male homosexuality, and we’ve added fatherhood to the mix as well. It’s just going to keep on getting bolder and bolder from here, and the majority of people are going to swallow it.

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Utah Culture

Utah’s two major contributions to Western culture (aside from all those wilderness/depression books from Abbey, Stegner, and Williams) have successfully been synthesized on the intarwebs:

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