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So, the glorious tradition of home-coming has visited our University even as its students are beginning to bore of their lectures.

Currently, the author sits alone in his dormitories following a glorious victory over the Wild-cats of Weber Stake Academy in a jolly game of foot-ball. It seems the Redskins are off to a great start this foot-ball season. While his fellow students consume large amounts of rum and absinthe amidst the down-towne social scene and the Greek Letter-Society Row and fornicate with one another, the author has chosen instead to listen to Joy Division whilst blogging. Yes, one of the Greek-Row socials is sponsored by his employer, KUTE radio-broadcasting, but Garrick feels that his studies may more fully be improved through further examination of Ian Curtis’s verse.

Good day, reader-ship of this web-log, and a merry home-coming!


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  1. zaid says:

    Haha. College sounds just like High School, but on a larger scale and without any supervision.

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