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Grueling Day

Today was a very interesting day. After attending my classes, I went for a jolly ride through the Avenues on my bicycle. Then it was of to protesting a bunch of far-right rural and Utah County legislators who want to waste the money they couldn’t spend on the U to bring abortion out of the health clinic and into the alley.

Though I am morally opposed to abortion, I think banning it would do nothing to stop the problem. Abortion is best controlled by comprehensive sex education, which the self-proclaimed “pro-lifers” are against, along with anything that will benefit fetuses after their birth. That is why we need to work to elect moderate Republicans and Democrats to the legislature. We can’t let the old men of the Utah Senate override gubernatorial vetoes again to push something NOBODY in the great and glorious state wants. They did it last fall with vouchers, and unless we break their supermajority, they will do it again with this. I urge you all to vote to see that your tax dollars are used responsibly and rationally, not emotionally. Look at all the good electing Democrats has done for Montana.

Later, I went to Temple Square and had a jolly stroll through the flowers.


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So, the glorious tradition of home-coming has visited our University even as its students are beginning to bore of their lectures.

Currently, the author sits alone in his dormitories following a glorious victory over the Wild-cats of Weber Stake Academy in a jolly game of foot-ball. It seems the Redskins are off to a great start this foot-ball season. While his fellow students consume large amounts of rum and absinthe amidst the down-towne social scene and the Greek Letter-Society Row and fornicate with one another, the author has chosen instead to listen to Joy Division whilst blogging. Yes, one of the Greek-Row socials is sponsored by his employer, KUTE radio-broadcasting, but Garrick feels that his studies may more fully be improved through further examination of Ian Curtis’s verse.

Good day, reader-ship of this web-log, and a merry home-coming!

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Int’l Relations Paper due tomorrow.

Hello, Garrick Here again. I am supposed to be doing a report on IR theory. Using sources such as this and this, I will shortly be constructing an analysis of Realism and Constructivism and their place within the macropolitical framework.

You can check out a pretty radd blog @ Radio from Heaven. It is not Stereogum yet, but Bradley is getting there.

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Other blogs

Several of my kinsfolk also have weblogs. These include Jeb a very special friend from University and also probably others. As this is my first post in months I feel it is my duty to keep you alll informed that I am now a student at UTAH studying POLITICAL science and the PERSIAN language. I promise these posts may one day be meaningful.

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