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Bush’s Hypocrisy

I am greatly disturbed by the news from the G8 Summit. Bush’s posing of himself as a Green is disgusting, as he has laxened regulation to pre-Nixon levels and refused to enter the Kyoto agreement. A slave to big business and fallacy, he is the Mike Otteson of the real world.

Equally disturbing are his comments about Putin. Before Bush pulls the nanotech artificial mote out of Putin’s eye, he should remove the redwood from his own.

An unabashed war criminal, Bush has violated nearly every basic human right and denied habeas corpus to civilians for the first  time since the tyrannical reign of King Charles II, following the hedonistic reaction to Puritanism in England. He sees the Geneva Conventions as quaint and has denied monumental Common Law precedents seen as fundamental since the reign of King John in the 1200s. Yes, Putin has backslided from democracy, but that is to be expected when democracy is only 15 years old. Bush has destroyed a centuries-old government based on majority rule, minority rights, and the rule of law in a mere 7. Furthermore, Putin’s violations (and Ahmadinejad’s for that matter) are equal, if not lesser, than those of Bush. Guantanamo, the Iraq War, “extraordinary rendition” (read “Gestapo-type international policing”), “stress positions” and “interrogation” (read “torture”), Operation Ignore, the War on Islam, disgusting tax cuts, and pro-corporate and pro-pollution policies have disgraced the quasi-noble name of America. I mean, since McKinley, we’ve pretty much been dicks, but under Bush, America’s imperialist, reactionist, and anti-science policies have even increased.

Yes, Putin’s Russia has little press freedom. But neither does Great Britain, our staunchest ally (which also lacks a Constitution and freedom of speech) or any of our right-wing third world dictatorships. How can we criticize Venezuela for shutting down a TV station seen as complicit in a coup d’etat when we regularly jail journalists who plead the fifth? How can we criticize the Russian penal system while we operate Guantanamo and other torture centers? How can we accuse Russia of warmongery when we put missiles closer to Russia than the Cuban missiles Kennedy opposed, falsify information to justify an illegal war in Iraq, and attempt to come up with similar bullcrap about Iran and North Korea? How can we criticize his policies toward minority ethnic groups while our government still refuses to apologize for actively promoting the genocide of American Indians, African Americans, and religious minorities? How can we attack his policy in Chechnya while we are engaged in nearly a dozen illegal conflicts worldwide?

Furthermore, this fool wants to teach Creationism in public school! This would effectively destroy the ancient American tradition of secularism. During colonial times, both religious  zealots and deists suffered from oppression under the Church of England. This led the founders, many of whom were not Christian, to proscribe a nation in which secularism dominated. As John Adams said, “the government of the United States is not in any sense founded upon the Christian religion.” Jefferson and Franklin denounced Christianity as little better than Paganism, yet they are commemorated by fascist fundamentalists all the time in their demagoguery. Fascism (or patriotism, as it has been known as since it gripped the nation following World War II) dominates many aspects of American culture, and has become the leading force behind much of our policy.

Nontheless, I defend my Christianity. As Jefferson noted, “The Christian religion, when divested of the rags in which they [the clergy] have enveloped it, and brought to the original purity and simplicity of it’s benevolent institutor, is a religion of all others most friendly to liberty, science, and the freest expansion of the human mind.”

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